Drums Alive® Ability Beats™:

Drums Alive®, created by Carrie Ekins, is the original, fitness, health, wellness program that is evidence and research based, providing a “Brain & Body” workout by combining music, stability balls and drum sticks.

Drums Alive® Ability Beats™ is an inclusive program that strives to promote physical, kinesthetic, emotional, and cognitive growth at all ages.
Get ready to feel the beat of the music and we’ll provide the drum sticks!


Jump your way to fun and fitness on a personal trampoline while listening to your favorite hits. No dance skills required! A perfect activity to burn energy and get the whole body moving.


Vroom, vroom, vroom, here come the scooters and it’s not left turn only! This class is all about fun and at the same time, a great full body workout. Students use individual scooter boards to participate in a variety of games, exercises, races and activities led by our coaches. We even have scooters for the “big” kids who want to get in one the fun.

Relax & Refresh Yoga:

Using the visually-based S.T.O.P. and Relax program, participants of all abilities will be guided through yoga-based movements and breathing exercises to learn and develop self-calming and relaxation strategies.

Hippity-Hop Jumping Jam:

Come get your “Bounce-On” with this cardio workout that will also support the participant’s balance and core strength. Whether it is an obstacle course, free bounce, or a dance, plan on endless fun for everyone.


Now is your chance to enjoy some classic gym games as well as some out-of-this-world new ones, without the competition. Activities have been carefully selected as well as designed, so individuals of all ages and abilities are able to join in on the fun! Games will vary from week to week.


For the kid in all of us, Open Gym, is simply about playing and having fun with others! During scheduled times, individuals can use available equipment to engage and participate in a variety of games and activities. Our structured, coach-supervised Open Gym sessions provide the perfect opportunity for kids to blow off steam!


Abilities Rec, Inc. offers one-of-a-kind birthday parties designed specifically to the likes and needs of the birthday star.

All parties are private and include:

  • 2-hour birthday party for up to 15 guests (additional cost for each guest up to 20)
  • Paper goods, party balloons, bottled water and a party favor for each child
  • At least two party Coaches to organize and entertain

SUMMER OFFERINGS (Special Events):

Our summer programs provide your child/teen with the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy their time off by staying actively engaged. Individuals will participate in Class Offerings as well as a variety of other structured activities

All parties are private and include:

  • Summer Fun Days: Runs during the final weeks of June and August
  • Fun Fridays: Fridays throughout the summer

MOBILE OFFERINGS (Special Events):

Want to experience our programming, but not able to get your group out to us? Looking for something fun and different to do at your next school or family event? Abilities Rec, Inc. has exactly what you have been waiting for! We will work closely with you to design an event that meets the specific needs of your group. From there, you just sit back and enjoy as our highly energized Coaches bring the fun and excitement to you.


Sticking with our belief that individuals of all ages be provided the same opportunities to experience movement and recreation, we offer a variety of unique 45-minute fitness programs designed specifically for Adult & Senior groups who are looking to have a little fun!